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For Improvisers

When are the shows?

Currently, we are planning to have shows at the following times: Thursday December 9 at 7:30pm and 9:30pm Friday, December 10 at 7:00pm, 9:00pm, and 11:00pm Saturday, December 11 at 6:00pm, 8:00pm, and 10:00pm

What are the costs involved in performing?

We do our best to make this as affordable of a festival as possible. There is a $20 troupe submission cost, and then once you've been accepted each troupe member is responsible for a mere $25 individual registration. This entitles you to admission to all shows, access to exclusive participant-only workshops, early access & a discount for the Premiere workshops, admittance to all private event after-parties, and a sweet goodie bag. We think it's pretty worth it. Please note: that goes up to $35 per person starting December 6, 2021, so make sure your troupe registers everyone early!

I'm not affiliated with a troupe that was accepted to perform this year - can I still participate in workshops and activities?

YES! We welcome all performers who would like to be here to network and learn from their fellow improvisers. Once it's online in November, click on the REGISTER link above to do so as an individual.

Can a performer be added to the roster after the troupe has been registered?

YES! If for any reason someone was missed when a troupe registers its members, that individual needs to register as an individual on our REGISTER page. There will be an opportunity on that form to claim allegiance with your troupe - no worries!

What are the Premiere Class costs, and are they included in registration fee?

There will be a couple Premiere Classes offered this year by our instructor Elise Rodriguez and John Gebretatose. The cost for each is $60 to the public, with a $10 discount for registered participants. They are not included in the registration fee, because there will not be enough room for everyone to take the Premiere Classes, so it wouldn't be fair to charge everyone for them.

I perform with more than one troupe being submitted. If all my troupes get accepted, do I have to register individually for each one?

Nope! You will only be responsible for ONE individual registration, no matter how many troupes you might be associated with. You do, however, have to pay a submission fee for each troupe submitting.

What other costs might there be?

To recieve the discounted rate reserve your room at the following link: https://www.hilton.com/en/book/reservation/deeplink/?ctyhocn=RICIBGI&groupCode=CSZRVA&arrivaldate=2021-12-09&departuredate=2021-12-12&cid=OM,WW,HILTONLINK,EN,DirectLink&fromId=HILTONLINKDIRECT Beyond hotel and your own travel costs, you are responsible for your own food and adult beverages of choice. (We usually stuff you with some awesome free food at at least one of our after parties, though.)

Do I have to take workshops on Saturday?

You don't have to do anything. Be you.

I'd be interested in teaching a workshop. Are you open to guest instructors?

We WELCOME the opportunity to learn from our performers! We ask everyone if they are willing to lead a workshop during the individual registration process. Full disclosure - we don't pay instructors outside of the Premiere Class in an effort to keep costs down, but we do ask students to "pay what you can" when they sign up for these workshops. So this is an opportunity to spread your knowledge and love of the craft on a minimal compensation basis.

Can local troupes or troupes with no online video proof of our existence submit?

We strongly encourage RVA troupes from our insanely talented improv community to submit, as well as any troupes who have not yet mastered the art of YouTube. Whereas it would certainly help us to make a decision if we can see examples of your troupe in action, there may be other ways we can find out about your awesomeness. Submit and sell yourself!

I'm a ComedySportz® player and would like to represent my city. Can I submit?

We hope to have a whole bunch of CSz players from a whole bunch of CSz cities participate in Festivus this year, as usual. To submit, please check with your manager first as there may be an extra step that you don't want to miss. And then simply fill out the INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION FORM on our REGISTER page, once that is online.

Do you give comp tickets to performers?

Sorry, but with over 100 performers, we can't afford to offer comps to these shows. But tickets are really affordable, so your family or your friends won't have to shell out too much. We promise.

For Audiences

For Audiences

Are these shows safe for my kids?

Improv Festivus has a wide variety of performers and styles, some of which are clean, and some of which do not censor the performances. The only "for everyone" show we can guarantee is the ComedySportz® All-Star match Saturday at 6pm, featuring performers from across the country. Otherwise, bring your kids at your own risk. It's all hilarious, but you just never know what might be said.

Is this a fundraiser?

Behind the scenes of the CSz Richmond Theater is Yes Balloon, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to lifting the lives of our community through improv. Yes Balloon focuses on using the power of improv and laughter for doin good, such as after school programs and summer camps for kids, special shows and programs for those on the Autism spectrum, working with dementia and Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers, connecting with charities that support the fight against childhood cancer, and so much more. All profits from Improv Festivus help to keep Yes Balloon moving forward with these and other programs.

Will there be any workshops offered for the public?

Some years we have offered those, some we haven't. If you would like to take part in an intro to improv session or something similar for those not on stage Festivus weekend, send us a message and let us know!

Do you serve dinner at your theater?

If you're okay with a dinner of cheese nabs and Diet Coke, then sure! But otherwise, we serve snack food concessions and sodas, and of course we have beer and wine available at our bar. If you would like dinner before one of the shows, Gold's Gym Plaza (the shopping center where we are located) has a bunch of great places to eat, like Peking, Crustacean Boil & Grill, Kabob Place, and GoGi BiBimBap. And for your sweet tooth, there's Country Style Donuts and Gelati Celesti!

Festivus!!! Will you celebrate the holiday in any official way?

Of course! We have our own Festivus Pole (a great place to take a selfie), as well as the improv games "Feats of Strength" and the "Airing of Grievances" exclusively at our ComedySportz® match this weekend. We take our holiday very seriously, in a comedy sort of way.